EPAdvantage Seven Estate Planning Client Videos

Estate planning: Why a conversation is critical

Death and money.  Even in the most open families, conversation often stalls when these two topics come up.

The complexities of modern family structures and the dynamics of family relationships means a well-informed estate plan may make a significant difference to beneficiaries in the long term.

Despite how important this conversation can be, it may still be difficult to initiate with your client.  The reluctance of clients to focus on their mortality and determine how their assets are to be dealt with after their passing, is a major hurdle for advisers who understand the importance of ensuring their clients have a holistic estate plan. As you well know, a lack of clear communication during estate planning (or an inadequate or outdated plan) can not only reduce the amount your client’s beneficiaries receive, it can also result in uncertainty and conflict for them in an already difficult time.


Our new Ask.Will™  online service has been designed to help Advisors open an estate planning, and provides you with the answers to drive conversations with your clients and gently nudge them into taking action, while at the same time providing clients with the confidence of knowing that the right plans are being put in place for the future.  For further information as to how Ask.Will service may be of assistance in your estate planning practice, please call SUPERCentral on 02 8296 6266 for a no obligation discussion.

How your clients may benefit from estate planning

  • Significant tax savings may result from a thorough, well-informed plan
  • Avoid mistakes and correctly convey intent and wishes clearly 
  • Provides the family with a sense of empowerment; It enables control of each other's collective future, rather than leaving some elements to chance.

7 videos to help your conversation on estate planning

To help advisers using our EPAdvantage estate planning services and to demonstrate to clients the importance of estate planning, we’ve developed a series of short videos to assist in starting a conversation. The seven videos are scenario-based, and we’ve highlighted some of the important aspects clients should consider when it comes to building a thorough, well-informed plan. Importantly, we address why their estate planning is not so much about them, as about their family’s future well-being.

The videos are designed to complement your 20 point estate planning brief documents.

There is also a short video which looks at estate planning from a more holistic viewpoint and this can be used with those clients wanting a more general overview. 

We are here to help

If you are an adviser and not currently using Ask.Will or our EPAdvantage program, or would like more information as to how EPAdvantage might assist your practice with its estate planning services, please call Janet Mills on 02 8296 6266 or email info@supercentral.com.au