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SUPERCentral is an independent, wholesale supplier of on-line Self-Managed Superannuation Fund deeds, deed updates, SMSF support and compliance documentation, estate planning, limited recourse borrowing and business services products.The SUPERCentral Online Business System was initially launched in 2006 to deliver an automated trust deed and update service that combined time and cost efficiencies with legal review to ensure ongoing compliance within the SMSF and trust regulatory framework - thereby substantially mitigating Advisor risk.This leading edge system was pioneered by our law firm, TOWNSENDS BUSINESS & CORPORATE LAWYERS (Townsends Lawyers) who bring 30 years of experience in providing legal assistance to the superannuation, estate planning and financial planning industries. The intellectual property underpinning SUPERCentral’s sophisticated delivery technology was based on the law firm’s deep understanding and expertise in the SMSF and superannuation sectors and the mandatory legal processes required in the setting up and ongoing development and support of SMSF’s.   SUPERCentral is not a simple document provider.  Whenever you purchase a SUPERCentral product or service through our leading edge online system you can be sure it is legally reviewed, and proactively managed by Townsends Lawyers.  A lawyer with deep SMSF expertise is also only a phone call away in uncertainty.For a confidential discussion as to how we might assist your firm, or for more information on our comprehensive range of services, please contact us on (02) 8296 6266 or email info@supercentral.com.au.  
SUPERCentral is a leading independent wholesale provider of high quality advisory products, legal documentation, and compliance services to the accounting and financial planning sectors throughout Australia.
SUPERCentral is not a simple document provider.  Every document purchased through our online service is legally reviewed, and proactively managed by our associated firm, Townsends Lawyers.  It only costs a fraction more and takes a little longer to ensure that the documentation you provide your clients is of the highest professional standard, and most importantly fully compliant.
A lawyer with deep SMSF, asset structuring, estate planning or commercial expertise is also only a complimentary phone call away to assist you.
SUPERCentral is widely renown for its SMSF deed and update service and today over 1400 advisors manage more than 13,000 funds through our web-based system.  
The SUPERCentral Governing Rules
The SUPERCentral Governing Rules has been drafted by our SMSF specialist lawyers at Townsends Business & Corporate lawyers.  The Governing Rules are regularly reviewed by the SMSF specialists at Townsends (at least four times a year and as and when significant legislative or SMSF practice changes occur).  
SMSF Update - automatic with no trustee signature required
Our patented process overcomes issues associated with constantly evolving legal compliance as your trustees only ever need to sign one set of documents.  Our superannuation specialists decide when an update is required due to changing legislation, regulation and SMSF practice, then your trustees SUPERCentral deed Governing Rules are all automatically updated on a specific date.
Major benefits, major savings
With all your SMSFs on the one set of SUPERCentral Governing Rules your firm gains major risk, administration, time and opportunity cost savings that no other SMSF deed supplier in the market today can provide.  
Online e-forms and complimentary documentation
As a member of SUPERCentral access is also provided to a full suite of online, cost effective, eform documentation from change of trustee, pensions and limited recourse borrowing as well as complimentary tool kit documents, free technical advice, advisory and pd training services -  managing your SMSF's has never been easier, faster or safer.      
Technical advisory
We can also assist with the very best strategies SMSFs have to offer,  Townsends Lawyers provide SUPERCentral members with technical support on a wide range of matters, trusts, LRB, contributions including in-specie transfers, benefit payments - pensions and lump sums as well as legal advice, ATO contravention and remediation services.  
Estate planning
Australia is in the midst of a huge inter-generational wealth transfer driven by the baby boomer demographic and we believe that estate planning is a natural service progression to the creation and wealth preservation strategies that Advisors and Accountants currently provide.  Our new Testamentary Manual system and EPAdvantage Members program has been specifically devised to give your firm immediate access to everything you need to provide a holistic, cost-effective estate planning service for your clients. 
Our unique Testamentary Manual system puts the Advisor at the centre of their clients estate planning process - you assist your  client to provide all the information required in the development of an effective estate plan. Townsends estate planning lawyers then develop the clients testamentary documentation in accordance with their instructions.   PI is held by Townsends Lawyers.
Commercial services
And last, but not least, you can also access a range of commercial services through your firms account page, including amongst others: practice purchase and sale, buy/sell, leasing, PPSA and restraint of trade, etc.  For more information please click here
Confidential discussion
For a confidential, no obligation discussion regarding any of the services above, as well as great quantity and bundled pricing schedules, bulk in-firm conversion services or for more information regarding our new Advisor and Accountant estate planning system EPAdvantage, please contact us on (02) 8296 6266 or email info@supercentral.com.au

SUPERCentral = Technology + Legal Review + Trusted Advic

SUPERCentral is the leading, independent online provider of compliance based SMSF and wealth management legal documentation services, to discerning accounting and financial planning practices throughout Australia. Our focus on dynamic and evolving compliance solutions, and specialised technology, combined with advisory services and specialised legal expertise, distinguishes us in the Australian market. 

Our platform is simple and easy to use. Every SUPERCentral document is legally reviewed, closely integrated with legal advice you can trust, and proactively managed by Townsends Lawyers, to ensure the wealth services documentation you provide your clients, is of the highest professional standard.

Our low fixed-fee approach to documentation provides you with the very best value-based pricing in the market. 


There is a significant difference between a simple document provision, and trusted compliance based services. The value in choosing SUPERCentral is unmatched, and for strategic advice, a lawyer with deep expertise is a complimentary phone call away.

Professional accountants and advisers are proactive about identifying their client's future needs and protecting them against future risks, and that is why time and again, we are their first choice.

Click on the links to learn more about our comprehensive suite of products, services, and our professional development programs, or for a confidential consultation, please call us on 02 8296 6266 or email info@supercentral.com.au