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New Super Laws Checklist

The ‘Fair and Sustainable Superannuation’ amendments constitute the most significant change to superannuation in the last 10 years.  

Understanding the changes is as much about understanding their effect as it is about working through the detailed wording. The changes may not be many, but they will have a major impact on the way clients manage their superannuation in the future. 

To assist advisers and their clients plan the super path ahead we have prepared this New Super Laws Checklist to highlight steps that could be taken in the planning process and issues which may need to be considered by you and your clients.

The Checklist has been segmented into four different age brackets to enable you to easily access the information relevant to any particular client’s situation. For example individuals who are still in accumulation phase have different requirements to those who are either transitioning to retirement or who are already in retirement.

It also directs focus on how the new laws impact estate planning, given the Federal Government’s stated desire to remove superannuation as an estate planning vehicle and what needs to be considered there.

While we’ve made every effort to make the New Super Laws Checklist comprehensive, it cannot identify every conceivable issue which may be relevant and as a result it is generic in nature.  

The Checklist is a living document and will be updated as further issues are identified and new information comes to light. Its shelf life extends well beyond the amendments’ implementation deadline, as it will have the capacity to look at and deliver strategies for ongoing planning post 1 July 2017. For this reason, we recommend you either use the online version or ensure that your downloaded copy is the most up to date version prior to use.  

We’d be delighted to receive your feedback as part of the updating process. 

We trust our New Super Laws Checklist will serve you as a valuable tool in assisting your clients to get prepared to enter the new world of superannuation.

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