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24 March 2021

The 6-member super fund is for more than just big families

18 March 2021

Can an SMSF member with a majority interest in the fund expel another member

12 March 2021

Employees can undermine your business sale

11 March 2021

SMSF death benefits – the case for flexibility

8 March 2021

Uncertain future of attorneys making BDBNs for their principals

4 March 2021

Benefitting a non-dependant from your super

9 December 2020

Getting your estate documents together

4 December 2020

Reversionary pensions that don't revert

30 November 2020

SMSF valuation requirements (for trustees)

11 November 2020

Choosing an investment structure to meet in-house asset rule

26 October 2020

Low interest rates prompting LRBA refinancing

22 October 2020

Mistreated parent - Loss of inheritance

15 October 2020

Six-member SMSF as pooled investment structure

13 October 2020

Asset Rich Cash Poor: Meeting cash obligations with all eggs in one basket

6 October 2020

SMSFs wanting six members – Townsends Law ready to assist

31 August 2020

SMSFs and derivatives – a potential diversification option

28 August 2020

COVID-19 rent deferral IHA relief

20 August 2020

Working through live-in aged carer issues

13 August 2020

New testamentary trust law

10 August 2020

Five traps for SMSFs buying off-the-plan

28 July 2020

TBAR Lodgement - pension commencement

21 July 2020

Superannuation proceeds trust: excepted income changes

17 July 2020

Why every property investor needs a Testamentary Trust Will

15 July 2020

May be impossible to make a watertight Will in NSW

9 July 2020

Does your SMSF need to take out life insurance?

2 July 2020

LRBAs are one of the reasons for having an SMSF

24 June 2020

SUPERCentral announces next estate planning course

19 June 2020

Why every property investor should consider a testamentary trust Will

17 June 2020

Documenting SMSF COVID-19 rent relief

16 June 2020

Succession planning for private companies

10 June 2020

Is your SMSF the next Donald Trump?

9 June 2020

ATO concerns with SMSF property development

4 June 2020

Electronic company document execution

27 May 2020

Plan B: SMSF pension strategies during the COVD-19 recession

26 May 2020

Can rent relief granted by a landlord SMSF amount to a breach of superannuation law?

18 May 2020

Witnessing legal documents in NSW during COVID-19

5 May 2020

Covid-19 rent relief – a practical checklist for SMSFs

20 April 2020

SMSFs selling geared equities which the Fund borrowed to buy

15 April 2020

What trustees need to consider in closing an SMSF

6 April 2020

Who pays stay-at-home employees if they won’t get Job Keeper?

2 April 2020

COVID-19 - Summary on early release of superannuation

31 March 2020

Super splitting is more than agreement between the parties

30 March 2020

The limits of generosity: providing a RAD for a parent

9 March 2020

Overcoming Asian reluctance to estate planning

5 March 2020

SMSF owning property jointly with another entity

4 March 2020

Do bushfires plus financial hardship equal early access to your super?

2 March 2020

ATO investment strategy guidelines update

28 February 2020

Acquiring an SMSF property wihtout LRBA in place

14 February 2020

Should your attorney have carte blanche over your super?

11 February 2020

What to do if there's been a mistake with an agreement or transaction

11 February 2020

Your SMSF running a B&B? You’re dreaming

17 December 2019

Don't undervalue importance of comliance documents

13 December 2019

Is your corporate trustee 'asset specific'?

12 December 2019

New law clarifies minor's tax on testamentary trust income

9 December 2019

Selling members business real estate into SMSF

6 December 2019

Beware estate planning issues with aged care

29 November 2019

Can grandchildren be beneficiaries of BDNs?

25 November 2019

Substituting your SMSF when off-the-plan is off-the-rails

22 November 2019

Probate - a detailed overview from SUPERCentral

14 November 2019

Maria Siu joins Townsends Lawyers and SUPERCentral as Special Counsel

1 November 2019

Commercially focused SMSF numbers could grow

29 October 2019

Only SMSFs offer sophisticated estate planning

1 October 2019

Helping one of your children with a home deposit

27 September 2019 - BLOG

When is a residential property a business real property in relation to an SMSF?

25 September 2019

What can a widow expect from husband's estate?

13 September 2019

Is it possible to admit your child as a member to your SMSF?

9 September 2019

Revocation of an Enduring Power of Attorney

4 September 2019

The chance to resign - a poison chalice in dismissal claims

29 August 2019

Minimising assets in an estate that is subject to challenge

2 August 2019

SMSF property development - issues to consider

8 July 2019

Can grandparents protect their grandkids' inheritance?

3 July 2019

Loans under Division 7A and the ATO’s Safe Harbour guidelines


21 June 2019

Related party loan to SMSF - when is a loan not a loan?


6 June 2019

Brace yourselves - A claim against your will is coming


10 May 2019

Not sure where to start? Ask.Will™


3 May 2019

The Pitfalls of a Homemade Will


12 April 2019

ATO - Key superannuation thresholds for 2019/20

2 April 2019

Jumbo SMSFs and individual trustees

18 March 2019