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Is Self Managed Super Fund Dead?

Bacon, Super & Eggs Seminar - 31 August 2016


IS SELF MANAGED SUPER DEAD? (PART I) | Barry McWilliams – SMSF Owners’ Alliance

IS SELF MANAGED SUPER DEAD? (PART II) | Liz Westover – Director Private Clients, PwC

Is Self Managed Super Fund Dead? - Liz Westover

Director Private Clients, PwC

Liz Westover presentation at SUPERCentral Bacon, Super & Eggs seminar at the Hilton Hotel, Sydney.

What role would an SMSF have in a client's investment set-up? Are the tax concessions still material? How important is the decision as to precisely which investments should be owned by the SMSF? How real is the competition from self directed portfolios in public offer funds? Is the cost of running an SMSF too great now? Is the oft-quoted ASIC limit of $200,000 relevant in any way?

Is Self Managed Super Fund Dead? - Barry McWilliams

SMSF Owners’ Alliance

The dust has settled on the Election result, but where has that left self managed super? What are the new government's intentions? What are the strengths of those policies, and what are the weaknesses? Will those policies get through both Houses of Parliament? How will those policies affect people with, or thinking about establishing, a self managed fund?

SMSFs, Property Development and Unit Trust

Michael Hallinan & Peter Townsend

Michael Hallinan & Peter Townsend presentation at SUPERCentral Bacon, Super & Eggs seminar at the Hilton Hotel, Sydney.

The Budget Superannuation Changes - Round 2

Bacon, Super & Eggs Seminar - 09 November 2016




Contribution Splitting: The 50/50/500 Rule

Tony Negline

From 1 July 2012 the Government has announced that all superannuation funds will have a $25,000 Concessional Contribution Cap. Those aged over 50 with super account balances of less than $500,000 will have a Concessional Cap of $50,000. This raises the potential for contribution splitting. Learn how to safely navigate through contribution splitting and how it may provide your clients with some unexpected benefits.

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SMSF Binding Death Benefit Nominations: Latest Issues

Michael Hallinan

This session tackles the current controversy as to the minimum requirements for a legally effective nomination: Who should witness? What is its effective life? What if the nominee predeceases the member? How does the reversionary pension fit in? How can you tailor a BDBN?

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Contribution Tax Ruling - Tips, Traps and Taxes

Michael Hallinan

This ruling is considered in detail as it relates to contribution timing, deemed contributions and the impact of contribution deductibility on pension commencement and withdrawals and rollovers.

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Rolling Money into an SMSF - Handling that Cranky Public Fund

Tony Negline

One common complaint is the time it takes to transfer money from retail, industry and corporate super funds into a Self Managed Super Fund. This presentation will describe the transfer process and steps that can be taken to help speed-up the process.

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Triway AAT Decision - Lessons from a Tragic Case

Tony Negline

In May the Administrative Appeals Tribunal agreed with the ATO that the SMSF should be declared non-complying. We’ll discuss the case and the lessons that all super funds can learn from it.

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Enhanced Investment Strategy Covenant

Michael Hallinan

The SIS Regulations now require SMSF trustee s to consider the need for insurance cover for their members as part of the formulation and implementation of an investment strategy for the fund. This presentation will consider the practical implications of this change and how SMSF trustees can demonstrate to the fund’s auditor and ATO that they have, in fact, appropriately considered the insurance requirements of their members as part of a properly formulated and implemented investment strategy for the fund. This presentation will also provide a "walk through" of the revised SUPERCentral investment strategy template.

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Cooper Review changes come flooding in thick and fast

Tony Negline

By 1 July next year, at least 6 different areas of administration of SMSFs will change including the rules relating to auditors, the new ‘speeding ticket’ trustee penalty regime, anti-money laundering provisions on rollovers, data standards emanating from APRA, the use of clearing houses by employer contributors and the rule s relating to contribution notification. Tony will review each of these issues with an update as to current status and the likely challenges for fund administration that might result.

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Holding Buy/Sell Insurance Inside Super

Peter Townsend

Buy/sell arrangements set the ground rules between co-owners of a business as to what is to happen if a co-owner dies or become s totally and permanently disabled. The use of insurance as part of the funding arrangements, to provide the money for the continuing co-owner to buy out the other co-owner, is all about the structure to be used to hold the insurance, the cash flow issues and the tax implications that will likely follow. There are major benefits to holding the insurance that supports the buy/sell arrangements inside self managed superannuation funds. Peter will discuss those benefits and the traps to be avoided.

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