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Refer Your Client


If the development of an estate planning service is currently out of the scope of your business, you may prefer to use our direct client referral service, where our lawyers liaise directly with your client anywhere in Australia.

Your clients are valued

We pay special attention to direct client referrals, and are mindful of the reputation of the professional who sent them to us.  

We keep you informed throughout the process

In addition to taking great care of your clients, once we have their consent, we’ll ensure that you’re kept up-to-date as their estate planning develops. You’ll be very welcome to provide comment or clarification, which could help the process along.

Refer your client online 

It is easy to directly refer a client – Simply complete a short online form with your client details. We then contact you to discuss their situation generally, and to set up a briefing meeting with your client. Client briefing meetings can be arranged in your offices or ours - in Sydney - or by teleconference or Skype.

Tools to support you and your client

Once your client's estate plan is completed, we’ll provide you with copy documents through your firm’s SUPERCentral account vault, and our Adviser Letter of Advice will help you to understand how the estate plan is structured, and why it was prepared in that way. Most advisers charge a fee for service, for facilitating the estate planning service, and assisting the client with the signing of their estate planning documents.

This equips you to answer questions from your client in the future, or to direct them back to us, when you see their personal or financial situations have changed, and when they need to vary their plan or testamentary documents.


Pricing is based on our fixed price estate plans pricing plus a service fee based on the initial briefing with your client to cover our client service time.

A recommendation and quote is provided by Townsends Lawyers, so that your client can agree to the cost before the matter is commenced.