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SMSF Gearing


SMSF borrowing requires expert attention to detail.  We can provide you with all the necessary documentation and advice required to improve the borrowing capacity of your client's super funds through SMSF Gearing strategies. Our solicitors, Townsends Lawyers, are highly experienced in gearing, from legal and administrative issues through to tax benefits and long-term wealth creation and compliance.

When you use SUPERCentral for your gearing you select only the services you need, and with each service priced separately you can easily calculate the total cost of your gearing documentation.

Our SMSF Gearing pack includes:

>  Outline of the steps of the transaction and how to implement them,

>  Advice letter explaining the legal issues of the transaction, the superannuation compliance issues and
    outlining some guidance regarding the necessary investment strategy,

>  The holding (bare) trust deed,

>  The trustee minutes,

>  The holding trustee minutes,

>  Guide for the conveyancing solicitor if real estate is being purchased.

You may also choose any one or more of the following services through the SMSF Gearing online order form:

Concessional Duty Applications for Related Party Property Transfers

Residents of NSW, Western Australia and Victoria have the opportunity to transfer business real property they hold in their personal name into their self managed super fund and pay little or no state duty on the transfer.  Some States require the fund to purchase the property, which it can do by borrowing if it wishes.  In NSW it can be purchased by the fund (with or without a loan) or transferred as an in-specie contribution or partly purchased and partly contributed.

Lease Compliance Pack

All the important records evidencing the fund's decision and its directions to the Holding Trustee to lease the property and secure the investment return.

Loan Pack

Agreements and security documents for all parties to a related party loan plus implementation, including registration with state land titles registers.

New Company Establishment

Set up a new company for the Holding Trustee or the SMSF.

Refinancing Pack

A new set of documents for a new loan permitted by the legislation, but subject to ATO conditions to seek advice.

SMSF establishment or conversion to the SUPERCentral Deed

Set up a new fund or convert to a SUPERCentral deed with regular update -  your deeds remain fully compliant for SMSF gearing purposes.

Unwinding Pack

Advice and documentation of unwinding the loan and transferring the property to the super fund.

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