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SMSF Deeds


SUPERCentral is not a simple document provider.  We are dedicated to SMSF compliance,  so every application for a SUPERCentral SMSF deed or associated SMSF document is overseen by our experienced superannuation solicitors to mitigate adviser and client risk.   

The SUPERCentral Deed

SUPERCentral's Governing Rules are drafted by specialist SMSF Counsel at Townsends Lawyers. The Governing Rules are regularly reviewed (at least four times per year) and also as and when signficiant legislative or SMSF changes occur.  In drafting and updating the Rules four principles have been applied - first, that the Rules should expressly authorise the trustees and members to undertake any SMSF strategies permitted by law; second that the Rules should be current and up-to-date; third that the Rules should not impose any constraints over and above those required for complying fund status; fourth that the Rules should permit trustees to qualify for any relevant stamp duty/transfer duty concessions which are available under State law.

Setting up an SMSF  -  we do it all for you!

Using the SUPERCentral online order form you can:

  • set up SMSF Deed
  • establish the corporate trustee
  • apply for fund ABN/TFN registration
  • create a Macquarie Cash Management Account application; and

all in the one simple form.   It couldn't be easier or faster!

ABN/TFN Registration

The fund SMSF Australian Business Number (ABN) and Tax File Number (TFN) is pre-populated from the information you provide when setting up the fund, all you need to do is review the ABN application online and submit it. 

For more information regarding the complimentary ABN/TFN set-up process please click here.

Macquarie Cash Management

At the same time you may choose to set up a Macquarie Cash Management account - the fund information required for the application is also pre-populated into Macquarie's online form for you to review and submit. 

These additional SMSF services, cost you nothing and couldn't be easier or faster!

SMSF Deed Update - Patented System

Our SUPERCentral SMSF deed update system is patented and unique. Once trustees have their SMSF deed on SUPERCentral, they only ever need to sign one set of documents. SUPERCentral then regularly updates the fund's governing rules whenever there are changes in superannuation law or SMSF practice to ensure that the deed always remains compliant.

This unique process not only mitigates advisor risk, but also provides your firm with major opportunity time and cost savings which can only be gained in using the SUPERCentral system.

SUPERCentral SMSF governing rules update timeline

Need to convince your client of the importance of updating their SMSF?  Ask us for a copy of our complimentary Timeline Document which outlines the year by year Governing Rules changes to the SUPERCentral deed from inception in 2006 to today.  

Complimentary Technical Advice Services

as a SUPERCentral member you also have immediate complimentary access to a lawyer with deep SMSF experience for general advice.

Establishment of a new SMSF trust deed - Pricing

New Deed  
1st Year Annual Update                     
Total Fee          


Member Quantity pricing, bundled product rebates and bulk update services also apply  for information regarding these further savings please call us on 02 8296 6266

For further information regarding our SMSF Deed and Update services, please click here