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What would Darth Vader's Will look like?


A new client walks in. He is wearing a helmet covering his face, but he assures you that he has a good medical reason for doing so, so you let that one go by. And he seems to be potentially a good client (after all, he is dressed like royalty with all the robes and has a whole entourage of guys in hard white suits - maybe he is an Arabian prince or something??).

Is Your Client's Testamentary Trust a Foreign Trust?


This question is more important than you might think. But first, what is a 'foreign trust' - and why is this so important?

Transition to Retirement Pensions - Government Action


The Government has resolved the controversy as to whether transition to retirement income streams (TRISs) can ever qualify for the earnings tax exemption by deciding to amend the relevant legislation.

Registration of SUPERCentral Governing Rules


The current version of the SUPERCentral Governing Rules, Version 03/17, has now been registered as a standard terms document for the purposes of Queensland land titles. The registration number is 717912363.

2017/18 Superannuation Thresholds


The ATO has recently issued the key superannuation thresholds which will apply in respect of the 2017/18 financial year.