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John Giles Superannuation Fund Case


Queensland is many things. It also seems to be the place to be for litigation involving self managed superannuation funds and binding death benefit nominations. Adding to the current Queensland SMSF cases of Donovan v Donovan, McIntosh v McIntosh and Munro v Munro is the John Giles Superannuation Fund Case (aka Re Narumon Pty Ltd [2018] QSC 185). This case, which was handed down in August, involved a number of issues - including the validity of binding death benefit nominations - related to self managed superannuation funds.

Do you know where your signed deeds are?


We are often asked to provide a signed copy of a fund's deed, usually at a time when it is of utmost importance, such as the death of a member or being required by a 3rd party for any number of reasons. Original signed documents can become misplaced or hard to track down as funds move advisers. In order to alleviate these issues, an electronic copy should always be stored.

SMSF borrowing guides


The 2017/18 financial has been a busy time for limited recourse borrowing arrangements and our guides have been updated to ensure you are all up-to-date with the changes.

Unwinding borrowing arrangements


We have also seen a surge in demand from clients in relation to unwinding their clients' limited recourse borrowing arrangements, which is the process of winding up the holding (bare) trust and transferring title to the property from the holding trustee to the fund trustee(s) once the loan is repaid.

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