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There's never been a more important time to streamline your deed process, with the focus on compliance at an all-time high


As the Financial Services Royal Commission continues, it's provides a timely reminder to ensure your funds are compliant.

The next 2 months may be the last golden opportunity for LRBA


The Government is proposing the introduction of new measures that will impact all Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements (LRBA), entered into or after 1 July 2018. These measures, if enacted, will include a member's share of any outstanding LRBA debt in the calculation of their total superannuation balance, which may have a flow-on effect on that member's ability to make contributions, including catch-up contributions.

Worked examples on Labor's imputation policy


The leader of the Opposition has proposed that excess dividend imputation credits should not be refundable to superannuation funds and that he intends, if he forms Government after the next election, to implement that proposal.

2018/19 Super Thresholds


The ATO has released key superannuation thresholds which are to apply to the 2018/19 financial year.

Superannuation Statistics 31 December 2017


The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has released its latest quarterly superannuation statistics report. The quarterly statistics relate to the December 2017 quarter.