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EPAdvantage estate planning online course commencing 18 March 2021


Expanding your client service offering to include estate planning provides a strong adviser fee for service opportunity. Our EPAdvantage Estate Planning online course may provide the information and tools you need.

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SMSF deeds, governance, LRBA set up, remediation and tailoring .... asset structuring and advice .... adviser fee for service estate planning and probate .... strategic business services, agreements, leasing, buy/sell .... technical resources, PD training & free member services .... electronic signing and electronic witnessing.

Benefitting a non-dependant from your super


A withdrawal and recontribution strategy could over time permit a member to transfer a material part of their superannuation to a non-dependant who would not ordinarily be entitled to receive the member's super following the death of that member.

SMSF death benefits - the case for flexibility


We often want certainty. In a world where there is increasing conflict between family members after a parent dies, and a greater propensity for children to challenge a deceased person's estate, anything that promotes greater certainty with regard to estate planning is usually seen as a good thing.

Electronic witnessing of documents


How can you meet the signing and witnessing requirements of special documents during the COVID-19 restrictions?