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Why Low Balance SMSFs Still Trump the Big Funds


According to the Productivity Commission, more than one million members have chosen to self-manage their super in an SMSF. Large SMSFs are broadly competitive with institutional funds in terms of net returns. However, smaller ones (with less than $1 million in assets) perform significantly worse than institutional funds, mainly due to the materially higher average costs they incur due to being small (page 14, Superannuation: Efficiency and Competitiveness Draft Report).

Reversionary TRISs - Technical deficiency currently being amended


One of the anomalies of the "Fair and Sustainable" superannuation changes was to prevent a transition to retirement income stream (TRIS) which was reversionary from transferring to a beneficiary if the beneficiary was not in retirement phase at the date of transfer. This anomalous outcome will soon be consigned to history with legislation currently before Parliament to permit a reversionary TRIS to transfer to the nominated reversionary beneficiary whether or not the beneficiary is in retirement phase.

Limited Recourse Borrowings and Contributions Caps


The proposal by the Government to include the debt amount outstanding of certain limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs) in the determination of the entitlement to contributions caps is still before Parliament.

Blended Families and SMSFs


A recent dispute before the Victorian Supreme Court (Davern Family Super Fund - [2018] VSC 80) has again illustrated the care with which SMSFs involving blended families need to be handled.

New: Estate Planning Services Launched


If the development of an estate planning service is currently out of the scope of your business, you may like to use our direct client referral service. Our lawyers can liaise directly with your client, anywhere in Australia. We pay special attention to direct client referrals, and are mindful of the reputation of the professional who sent them to us.