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There's never been a more important time to streamline your deed process, with the focus on compliance at an all-time high


As fallout from the Financial Services Royal Commission continues, it provides a timely reminder to ensure your funds are compliant.  

You may have funds that are in catch-up mode, or are on different deeds.

If so, we can help you streamline your processes with our bulk SMSF conversion program.

This ensures that your trustees have all the necessary powers to comprehensively and legally administer their funds and remain SIS compliant into the future – safeguarding them against potential legal, tax problems and associated penalties.

With all your SMSFs on the one set of Governing Rules, your practice mitigates major risk, and your team can save time and opportunity cost savings.

For more information about our special legal review and bulk update pricing available please contact our Help Desk on 02 8296 6266 or email