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Electronic signing of documents


Recently the Australian Government introduced new regulations to temporarily enable legal documents to be signed and/or witnessed remotely via electronic signature. We are pleased to advise that you can now execute and witness SUPERCentral e-form documents electronically. 

We have now updated our online order forms, the information on our website and in our toolkits. We have prepared useful step by step process documents to assist you and your clients through the electronic signature process. 

The law relating to electronic signing and witnessing of legal documents varies in the Commonwealth and the various States and Territories, and these differences must be considered carefully before electronic signing can be instituted. Please see our summary of the Electronic Transactions Act (“ETA”) by State found in your SUPERCentral Toolkit.

Whilst the convenience of electronically signing documents is attractive, it should be adopted with caution as it could potentially render the documents invalid. To assist you with this crucial review we have also incorporated a check of suitability for electronic signature in our usual e-form legal review by Townsends Lawyers, who will contact you in the event that electronic signature is not recommended.   

For documents that can be electronically signed, Townsends will then facilitate the electronic signing process via email with your nominated signatories for those documents. As each signatory signs, you will receive an email confirmation, and on completion of the signing process the fully signed documents will be available in your SUPERCentral account on your client’s e-form page in the usual manner. This is a complimentary service.

Please don't hesitate to contact the SUPERCentral Help Desk on 02 8296 6266 for further information or assistance.