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Super Gearing Trust Deeds Different for Each State


The law that permits a superannuation fund to borrow requires that the property acquired using the borrowed funds be held on a simple trust for the super fund by a separate trustee. Generally it is considered that there should be a trust document evidencing that trust.

Crystallisation deadline of 30 June 2008


By this date super fund trustees, including trustees of Self Managed Superannuation Funds, must have calculated the crystallised segment of all superannuation interests in the Fund.

Illustration of Crystallisation


The crystallised segment is $5,000. The taxable component is $95,000.

Questions Abound When SMSFs Borrow


If an SMSF wants to make use of the new provisions that allow an SMSF to borrow to acquire an asset, that asset must be held by a trustee on behalf of the SMSF.

Transition to Retirement Pensions and the New Medical Release Condition


If a member has commenced a transition to retirement pension and then subsequently suffers a terminal medical condition, the member will now be able to commute the pension and receive the commutation lump sum tax free.