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Our service difference is dynamic compliance

It costs no more to safeguard your legal compliance obligations, reputation and peace of mind and most importantly ensure your legal documentation is always fit for purpose and of the highest quality to reflect your firm's professional positioning.


SUPERCentralTownsends Lawyers

a powerful service combination

We provide end-to-end wealth management documentation and support services. Townsends Lawyers provide:

Routine low cost online delivery

  • single-use e-docs on demand or unlimited use subscription fee. The choice is yours based on the simplicity of  the documentation required – if it is simple and straightforward, and you don't need legal review. Our SMSF compliance documentation, subscription services with no legal review is specifically designed for services with no or low level support.

  • legal review at no extra cost.  Use our PAYG e-doc services and receive legal support, review and assistance from our online services legal team, for uncertain situations, slightly higher complex requirements or to offset, or your firm wishes to guard against possible risk.

  • constantly updated, compliant and closely integrated. Our on-line technology facilitates constant update to ensure highest possible compliance, integrated documents and lowest possible risk. Ask us today how our technology based service can work best for your purposes!

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Strategic | more complex requirement

  • legal review, advisory and remediation services second to none are provided by our respected associates Townsends Lawyers.  When simple on-line services are not sufficient, or transactional or remediation documentation is required, we segue you seamlessly through to Townsends for bespoke and carefully tailored legal solutions.

  • SMSF and wealth management strategies encompassing a full range of SMSF, BDBN, asset structure and estate planning services, our strategic, specific and tailored solutions will ensure that structures are protected and strategies achieved.  Ask us today how we can assist!

  • special purpose or specifically tailored requirement For complex, strategic, or simply specifically tailored solutions our lawyers work to ensure that specific structures are protected and tax effective strategies achieved.  Ask us today how we might assist!


Member services

  • account dashboards provide detailed service information
  • documents are available in your cloud account vault for access 24 x 7
  • strict information security - data is held securely for a minimum of 7 to 10 years
  • help desk support second to none - our helpful staff are only a phone call away

Resource centre

Complimentary member resources

  • legal help desk for general advice
  • technical resources, SMSF tool kit, webinars, white papers and case studies
  • newsletters - SMSF News, Business Law Brief and Estate Planning News
  • EPAdvantage estate planning advisor fee-for-service program - 18 CPD FASEA

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