Will update

Will update

Price range $550 - $825

This is a fixed price service including legal tailoring (as briefed)   Quoted fees for client approval are based on complexity and documentation required.

Many clients complete a Will and then fail to revisit it for years, and it’s concerning that some never do. However, an estate plan including a Will, are not static documents that can be set and forgotten. It's not difficult, or necessarily expensive to change a Will as it can be amended, modified, updated or even completely revoked, at any time.

Often it may not involve any additional estate planning advice or changes to the existing estate planning strategies. In this case, our associated law firm, Townsends, will not review any background data or the client’s current personal or financial situation, but simply amend the Will documents, or make a codicil, in accordance with your client’s instructions.

Our estate planning lawyers are also available to answer your queries throughout the estate planning process and we can arrange to meet with you and/or your client either in our Sydney offices or via a web-based meeting service from the advisers offices.

For more information as to how our unique advisor based services can assist you in driving a successful estate planning practice, please call our office on 02 8296 6266