Discretionary trust streaming amendment (Bamford)

Discretionary trust streaming amendment (Bamford)


$330 review discretionary trust deed (SUPERCentral & non-SUPERCentral deeds)
$385 draft deed amendment + letter of advice

This fixed price service includes legal review and tailoring.

Review of the trust deed includes advice on:

  • definitions of 'income' and 'capital'
  • whether the deed has a streaming clause
  • whether that clause is sufficient for the purposes of the legislation
  • whether the trustee is empowered to characterise types of trust receipts
  • whether the deed allows the trustee the discretion not to apply carried forward losses from previous periods
  • whether the deed allows the trustee discretion and flexibility to determine what expenses should be set off against particular classes of income
  • whether the deed can be amended and how.

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