Convert a unit trust to a fixed trust

Convert a unit trust to a fixed trust

Price: $POA

This service requires legal advice and tailoring.  Quoted fees for client acceptance will vary based on the complexity of the advice and/or documentation required.

Under a unit trust, beneficiaries are entitled to units. Those units have a monetary value, but that value may fluctuate based on the trustee’s discretion. Under a fixed trust, beneficiaries are entitled to a fixed monetary value that the trustee is bound to periodically distribute to the beneficiaries.

Whether it’s been brought about by choice or circumstance, our lawyers can draft documents that ensure that the trust changes from a unit trust to a fixed trust. Including a review existing trust documentation and relevant trust deeds, to ensure that the change of trust is validly executed.

What's included:

  • cover letter explaining the documents and service provided
  • deed(s) to effect the change of trust type
  • resolutions of trustee(s) and member(s)
  • consent(s) of relevant third parties such as appointors, employers, settlors etc

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