Unit trust establishment | CEST | stamping | 13.22C trust

Unit trust establishment | CEST | stamping | 13.22C trust

Price: Select only the documents you require in this bundled service. 

  • Unit trust establishment - $330
  • Company establishment - $719 soft copy  |  $796 hard copy
  • Stamping (if required) - $55 + disbursements (State based - variable stamp duty + lodgement agent costs + postage)

Please note disbursements apply for stamping depending on the applicable State duty laws.  Please click here for information on each State and Territory.

A unit trust is established by a settlor gifting the nominal settlement sum to the trustee. The trust is divided into classes of units, with each class entitling the unit holder to different rights. Each class of beneficiary is then defined by reference to their relationship with the relevant unit holder.

What's included:

  • letter of explanation
  • trust deed
  • application for units
  • unit certificates
  • trustee resolutions
  • letter to stamping authority

IMPORTANT: Director Identification Number

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