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When things go wrong SUPERCentral may be your solution


Contrary to popular belief, simply tearing up or ignoring signed legal documents does not eradicate its effect.  The reality is, once a documented agreement is executed (by signature or common seal) it can only be unmade, corrected or amended by the signing of other relevant legal documents.

So what are your options when a mistake is made or you find an error?

SUPERCentral can provide advice on a wide range of SMSF services including legal advice & support, provided by Townsends Business & Corporate Lawyers.  Once any errors have been determined, we can advise on possible avenues for correction.

Common examples include:

  • Deeds of Rectification used to correct any typographical errors or amend the expressions utilised in the deed;
  • Deed of Ratification to formally affirm a previous action which may have been unauthorised;
  • Deed of Confirmation to formally confirm a previous event and/or existence of rights and obligations;
  • Deeds of Release used to release a party from financial or legal obligations;
  • Deeds of Rescission used to terminate the original contract; and
  • Lost deeds.

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