SUPERCentral is an independent online platform provider of SMSFs, advice, legal documentation and wealth management services to accounting and financial planning firms throughout Australia.

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Why SUPERCentral


We offer a full suite of online documents and services to support your SMSF needs from SMSF establishment, trust deeds, amendment, compliance, pensions, superannuation splitting, winding up, death benefit planning and more. 

With SUPERCentral it costs no more to safeguard your legal compliance obligations ensuring you protect yourself and your clients.

When you encounter a more complex requirement our advisory and remediation services can quickly tailor a solution for you.  We offer expertise in complex change of trustees & members, in-specie benefit payments, SMSF annual audit compliance advice & documentation, SMSF related party transactions, superannuation law compliance advice as well as deed confirmation, ratification and rectification to name a few.

If you are looking for solutions backed up with personal service and an experienced help desk, then contact SUPERCentral on 02 8296 6266 or at