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Undoing something which shouldn't have been done


How do you deal with documents that are wrong?

It is not possible at law to simply tear them up and start again... nor should you ignore them. They may have tax or state duty ramifications and those revenue bodies will be keen to enforce them if necessary to prosecute their revenue entitlements.

If you find yourself in such a circumstance call us immediately on (02) 8296 6266 to talk to a lawyer, as time is of the essence to resolve the issue.

Some examples of documents that were needed to be prepared for clients to remedy their circumstance include:

  • deeds of rectification relating to any typographical errors or discrepancies contained in trust deeds at the request of a bank;
  • loan documents relating to unpaid present entitlements of a corporate beneficiary of a discretionary trust; and
  • deeds of release or deeds of unwinding.

If you need one of our lawyers to provide a quote in relation to the preparation of a formal advice or specific documentation, please contact us on (02) 8296 6266 or via with a summary of the details and circumstances of your transaction.