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Do you know where your signed deeds are?


We are often asked to provide a signed copy of a fund’s deed, usually at a time when it is of utmost importance, such as the death of a member or being required by a 3rd party for any number of reasons. Original signed documents can become misplaced or hard to track down as funds move advisers.

In order to alleviate these issues, an electronic copy should always be stored.

Whilst it isn’t mandatory, SUPERCentral always recommends sending an electronic copy of the signed and dated deed to us for storage.  The SMSF Deed Vault can hold all of the documents relating to the fund, which you can securely access 24/7. Documents are kept by us for a minimum of 7 years and stored, both on our Sydney based internal servers, and backed to the Cloud servers for added document security. This is a FREE service we provide to our members. A real peace of mind for you your clients, and another area where you minimize business risk.

To upload a copy of documents for archiving purposes, please email a PDF of the document/s to us at

As the saying goes, it’s better to be (in the) safe than sorry.