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Superannuation member benefit vs superannuation death benefit


The timing issue with the death benefit strategy of withdrawing a member's entire super prior to their death - superannuation member benefit vs superannuation death benefit.

Must SMSF BDBNs comply with the 2 witness and 3 year validity rules? The WA Court of Appeal decides no!


There has been a continuing legal controversy as to whether Binding Death Benefit Nominations (BDBNs) for SMSFs must, in order to be valid, comply with both the 2 independent witness rule and 3 year validity period rules (2 witness & 3 year rules). There is no controversy as to whether these rules apply for BDBNs in industry and retail superannuation funds: they do.

Join our Webinar on Intergenerational wealth transfer strategies using different structures


Peter Townsend, Principal of Townsends Business & Corporate Lawyers will discuss the various structural issues relating to intergenerational wealth transfer including using testamentary discretionary trusts, bequests to an existing family trust, loan strategies for asset protection, buy/sell arrangements and of course the role of superannuation.

EP Advantage Estate Training Program - join our 7 October 2021 course


This course is ideal if you are looking to develop your expertise in estate planning and broaden your service offering.

Mutual funds - the Government gets cracking and they're on their way


As indicated in the recent May Budget, the Government has decided to re-commence the project to introduce mutual funds (technical name - "Corporate Collective Investment Vehicles" abbreviated to "CCIVs" or event more succinctly "204s"). The Government intends that the legislative regime permitting mutual funds will have a start date of 1 July 2022.