"They are not like other suppliers who charge extra for every piece of paper."


ANOP Research Services December 2008

Comparison Table

SUPERCentral SMSF services

Document Only Services

SUPERCentral governing rules are continually updated throughout the year whenever required to reflect changes in Superannuation Law and SMSF practice.  

Your clients SMSF deeds are always up to date thereby limiting risk for both the advisor and their client when managing the fund.   Townsends Lawyers take the decision when to update the deed alleviating advisor risk

You will never need to convince Trustees to update ever again.

Updated annually or even less frequently.





With clients on different deeds and different governing rules the Advisor must have extensive knowledge  of constantly changing SMSF regulations to safely and effectively manage the fund.

Trustees are notoriously difficult to convince of the need to update.

SC saves an estimated two hours of Advisers' time for each fund every time an amendment is made. With 100 SMSFs under management you gain opportunity costs of a potential 200 hours for more creative and lucrative areas of your business. You will never have to allocate that much time to the update process again.

Deeds on different governing rules must be reviewed every time you service a clients SMSF - this takes an estimated two hours just for the update.

Amendments to SUPERCentral's Governing Rules automatically flow through to each participating fund. No trustee signature is required.

Governing rules must be separately amended for each fund by the creation of an amendment deed or resolution requiring trustee signature.

With all your funds on a SUPERCentral deed, your Advisers and Auditors only have to acquaint themselves with one set of documents across all of your funds.

Advisers and Auditors deal with different versions of the same "precedent" rules or supplementary amendment deeds which is time consuming and difficult.                                                                                                                                 

As a SUPERCentral member you have immediate and often complimentary access to specialist lawyers for technical and legal advice on SMSF, superannuation, SMSF Gearing, and a full range of integrated financial planning services. 

Most online deed update services purchase superannuation advice from "arms length" legal providers.  Technical assistance is not available or arms-length.

SUPERCentral regularly updates your resolutions, PDS, member strategies and fund annual reports and gives you coded access to an extensive tool kit of important supporting documentation.

Our technology based updating capacity ensures that all your clients SMSF documentation works together and to ensure compliance.

Supplementary documents have to be purchased regularly and the advisor must understand the implications of other documents used in the SMSF to ensure compliance.