Simple Will 4

Simple Will 4

Price: $165

Our 4 Simple Wills are designed for people whose assets or life stage mean they don’t want or need extensive estate planning.   This is a quick, easy and inexpensive Will for a person who is not married and has no children.

In essence it gifts your whole estate to people you nominate in the Will. If any of those nominated people die before you their children can inherit their share or you can nominate others to take the share of your estate instead.

 A simple Will could be a "first" Will | "I'm too busy" Will | "I'm travelling soon" Will | or even "I am going to spend it all anyway" Will. They are the perfect answer to someone wanting a no-fuss Will or for people whose assets or life stage mean they don't want or need extensive estate planning and a more complex Will.

Our simple Wills are provided with no legal advice of any kind, including as to whether the Will suits specific circumstances and or whether other more sophisticated provisions should be included.

The Will is prepared automatically using the information entered into the online order form.  Please enter information very carefully, as if it is entered incorrectly the Will cannot be used or relied upon.

For further information, to discuss specific issues or obtain a quote for a more tailored Will, please call our office
on 02 8296 6266