Change of SMSF trustee with change of member

Change of SMSF trustee with change of member

Price:  $302.50 - SUPERCentral fund      $495 - non-SUPERCentral fund

Change of SMSF trustee for individual or corporate deed – with change of member 

Changing the trustee of an SMSF is not as simple as it might appear.  Several issues must be considered and a number of documents are needed to properly affect and record a change of trustee. For instance, while the rules of the fund may allow for the change of trustee to be affected by resolutions of the trustee, sometimes third parties (such as banks) require a deed of change of trustee to be provided before proceeding with updating the name of the trustee as shown on fund bank accounts. A deed is also generally required when changing the name of registered proprietors for real property.

We can prepare the necessary documents to validly add, remove or replace the trustee(s) and member(s) of the fund, whether it is on the SUPERCentral system or not.

If the fund is not on the SUPERCentral system we will review the current trust deed of the fund to ensure that the change of trustee documentation is prepared in compliance with the current rules of the fund.

Our documents package includes all the necessary documents to give you the peace of mind of knowing that the change in trustee was validly effected and recorded.

This fixed price service includes legal review and tailoring.

You can also use this online order form to change the trustee of an SMSF from an individual to a corporate trustee or corporate to an individual trustee with change of member 

What's included:

  • member application
  • product Disclosure Statement
  • letter of advice and Explanation
  • trustee minutes
  • deed of change of trustee
  • ATO Form
  • ATO form - Trustee Declaration

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