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The goal of asset protection planning is very simple – to separate ownership of assets from risks that could see the loss of those assets to creditors.

Life is inherently risky. Running a business is even riskier. Losing assets that may have taken years of hard work to acquire is unthinkable. That's why 'asset protection planning' or APP is so important.

Buy/sell arrangements are agreements which set the ground rules between co-owners of a business as to what is to happen if a co-owner dies or becomes totally and permanently disabled. There are various ways to structure a buy/sell arrangement and how to choose the method that best suits the co-owners' circumstances.
$660 - amending existing SMSF deed
$990 - document preparation (excl. insurance trust deed and associated documents)
$462 - additional explanation and document amendment (per hour)
Discretionary trust establishment - company establishment and stamping. Bundled service.
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